The TVnet™ service is a connectivity enhancement for Internet access. Internet traffic is inserted into the TV broadcast signal at partner TV stations. Using a TV card in their PC, users can receive email and customizable web page content anywhere a partner's TV signal can be received. As TV signals are "always on", customer email and page updates constantly stream to the PC without tying up a telephone line. Calls are only made for sending mail, configuration, and visiting first-time web pages.The TVnet™ service also includes a local caching technology, TVnetNow™. Coupled with the data broadcast technology, TVnetNow™ allows for web content to continuously stream to the end user's laptop or desktop PC, keeping predefined web pages updated. Access to these pages is lightning fast and always current. Our TVnetTicker™ keeps the end user up to date on time critical information such as news, stocks and weather. The patented PC/TVnet technology allows PC users to be "always connected" while away from their desktop locations, whether travelling nationwide or about town.

TVnet Mobile™

TVnet Mobile™ is our wireless service for the mobile user. The features and benefits of the TVnet™ system are especially powerful for the mobile computing environment. Travelling professionals and users in the mobile workplace can stay connected to critical information and email without tying up a cellular or wireline connection. Currently, the mobile user has a very limited selection for wireless Internet access and existing services are severely limited in both bandwidth and coverage. The TVnet™ service increases both the coverage and bandwidth of the Wireless Internet Access experience. With nationwide TV and wireless phone partners, the TVnet™ service will be available in the top 200 cities nationwide at service introduction, servicing several thousands of users in each metro. Business travelers, the ever increasing ranks of road warriors, can be connected to email accounts, office Intranets, and the Internet throughout the United States. Field service staff can get quick access to technical and support resources. Medical and other public safety personnel can stay connected to critical messaging and collaboration data. The TVnet service enables the mobile worker and professional to be fully connected in the field and out of the office. The TVnetNow™ technology allows them to access key current information much faster than over any other wireless data technology.